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Optimize clinical trials from beginning to end with ePatientFinder

ePatientFinder now offers a unique set of technologies and services designed to maximize your clinical trial outcomes from pre-planning to trial execution. It’s a revolutionary platform and research delivery network that securely and compliantly leverages current EHR data and a proprietary, three-tiered prescreening process to help match your interested, protocol-eligible patients to your research studies.

You get unprecedented results at every stage while we do all the heavy lifting.

Life Sciences

Let us do all the heavy lifting at every stage of your clinical trial planning and execution.

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Bring in additional revenue while giving your patients access to 
cutting-edge clinical trials.

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Value-Based Care & ACOs

Increase shared savings and reduce cost of care while accelerating modern medicine.

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Our Partners

Clinical trials are a vital component of value-based healthcare.

And clinical trials need qualified patients. In fact, about 58 million people are needed to fill the demand of enrolling studies on ClinicalTrials.gov. That’s 1 in 6 people in the US.