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ePatientFinder started in 2013 to make
clinical trials more accessible to the public.

What we do

ePatientFinder is the only company giving physicians and clinical trial sites a secure technology platform that allows them to compliantly leverage EHR data and make it actionable, which in turn produces the highest-quality referrals and helps populate clinical trials more quickly and cost effectively than ever before.

Why we do it

Our goal is to change the way patient recruitment is done—completely. Patients want to learn about clinical trials from their trusted physicians, not an ad. So ePatientFinder connects physicians and EHR data through an easy-to-use interface and facilitates patient screening to produce more predictable and reliable results. More accurate population of clinical trials means faster innovation in medical care, which benefits everyone.

How we do it

ePatientFinder’s Clinical Trial Exchange™ connects life-science companies – including numerous “top 10” pharmaceutical, medical device and contract research organization (CRO) clients – with a network of referring physicians within clinics, hospitals and accountable care organizations.

With Clinical Trial Exchange, the first and only clinical exchange technology platform, sponsors and CROs publish their studies, referring physicians review trials in their community, EHR data providers generate an additional revenue stream, and ePatientFinder identifies patients who will benefit. Everyone wins with a large and ever-growing community of stakeholders connected via a central hub—all while adhering to all security and regulatory compliance requirements and fairly compensating physicians and EHR providers for their participation.

Meet the Team Leaders

Tom Dorsett

President and CEO

Tyler Payne

Vice President of Operations

Greg Sweatt

Executive Vice President, VBC

Lance Hayden

Chief Privacy and Security Officer

Suzanne Shifflet

Chief Operating Officer

Bill Abbott

SVP Business Development, Life Sciences

James Foster

Vice President of Marketing and Sales Operations

Careers at ePatientFinder

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We’re looking for passionate problem-solvers to join us in taking on one of
the biggest challenges in health care. Apply now – we’re hiring!