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Take your trial from start to finish efficiently and effectively.

Research sites are wasting too much time combing through data. ePatientFinder now helps you optimize your clinical trials at every stage, from pre-approval to execution. We do all the heavy lifting. You get unprecedented results.

Optimize protocols before you send them to the FDA.

Maximize your potential pool of protocol-eligible candidates, even before you seek FDA approval for your trial, with Protocol Optimization data analysis. We’ll run versions of your study protocols through our extensive network of patient data, representing over 60 million lives, to let you know how many possible subjects near your research site could be identified under specific sets of inclusion and exclusion criteria. Our data scientists can also tell you, within a small margin of error, how many qualified candidates you’ll need at the outset in order to hit your enrollment goals.

Get the highest-quality candidate referrals. Period.

Recruit patients through the ePatientFinder Clinical Trial Exchange™, a powerful network that connects qualified, protocol-eligible patients to trials through referring physicians and their EHR data. Geographically relevant physician referral clusters help you achieve consistent, predictable recruitment results that fill trials more quickly for a faster time to market.

Dedicated data scientists review inclusion and exclusion criteria for your trial, considering both obvious and less-obvious EHR data to find the right patients.

Let us do all the heavy lifting.

Choose the best site for your clinical trial by leveraging ePatientFinder’s vast network of treating physicians, EHR data and GeoPrecise™ technology to compare site feasibility and possible participation rates at various locations. Once the right site is selected, we can then provide on-site coordination that includes staffing, setup and trial execution as needed.

A commitment to regulatory compliance

ePatientFinder is fully compliant with all regulatory requirements and does not buy or share information. The ePatientFinder platform is SOC2 Certified, HITRUST Certified, and strictly adheres to all security and regulatory compliance requirements, including HIPAA guidelines, the Stark Law, and anti-kickback regulations.

Finding and contacting studies has become much more
efficient. Now I can refer patients with confidence and ease,
and it doesn’t cost me anything.

–Dr. Steven Zuckerman

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The future of recruitment

This is the FUTURE in patient recruitments. No more paper/magazine/radio/TV advertising. This will streamline on “cold calling” and build a rapid connection between the caller and a patient.

Dr. Christie Ballantyne Baylor College of Medicine

Win-win scenario

Having the ability to go back to my chronically ill patients and offer them a new treatment alternative is a win-win for the patient and the office.

Jamie Sims, BS, CCRP Breco Research

Really Efficient

Finding and contacting studies has become much more efficient. Now I can refer patients with confidence and ease, and it doesn’t cost me anything.

Dr. Steven Zuckerman Zuckerman Associates

Get more accurate and reliable recruitment results. 

In a recent chronic conditions trial, 78% of patients referred by ePatientFinder were accepted for study participation, compared to 3% of patients referred by traditional, direct-to-patient recruitment methods.