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Generate additional revenue.

EHR and healthcare vendors partner with ePatientFinder to help physicians accurately identify patients eligible for clinical trials in their area – something that has never been done before. We make patient data actionable in a new way, which means you can earn additional revenue without changing what you do.

Securely connect with a broad
professional network.

The ePatientFinder platform seamlessly integrates directly with your application and simply acts as an additional feature, so it’s easy for users to adopt, and we’ll do the integration work.
The platform is also completely secure and compliant with all regulatory requirements. We conduct a rigorous security and compliance audit with each partner, so you know the data will be handled properly.

Expanded Vision for athenahealth

ePatientFinder has provided athenahealth clients the opportunity to participate in clinical trials, and our partnership is proof of an expanded vision for athena providers and our partners

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Impacting the Quality of Patient Care

The ePatientFinder solution allows our sales team to significantly impact the quality of patient care that is delivered, which enhances Henry Schein’s role as a trusted advisor to our customers!

Scott Norene Director, Solutions & Planning, Henry Schein

Great Value for Customers

The ePatientFinder partnership gives our sales team a great value add to go back to our customers with.

Esteban Burgos National Partner Manager, Greenway Healthcare

Making Recruitment a Reality

ePatientFinder made clinical trial recruitment through the Allscripts network a reality.

Jay Bhattacharyya General Manager, Payer & Life Sciences, AllScripts

Get more value from EHR data.

ePatientFinder leverages EHR data to help physicians match their patients with suitable clinical trials. Nearly three quarters (72%) of Americans say it’s likely they would participate in a clinical trial if recommended by a trusted physician, so everyone wins.