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Easily connect your patients with new care options through clinical trials.

Patients want to learn about clinical trials from their trusted physician, not an ad. Now you can refer your patients to cutting-edge new care options through ePatientFinder’s powerful but easy-to-use technology platform.

Receive fair compensation.

Referring physicians are compliantly compensated at fair market value for discussing clinical trials in a consultative environment. When you refer patients via the Clinical Trial Exchange™, you will be:

  • Well-compensated for conducting pre-trial evaluations, regardless of whether the patient is referred to a trial or not
  • Paid directly by ePatientFinder, so there is no interaction with third-party payers
  • Relieved of the burden of handling data analytics, patient engagement and scheduling

Leverage EHR data.

Get more value from the EHR data you’re already required to collect and use. ePatientFinder distills patient data for you and makes it actionable for clinical research purposes. Our Data Science Services Team assists in matching patients to trials as well, greatly increasing accuracy for more predictable and reliable results. That means you and your patients benefit without you having to disrupt your regular workflow or hire additional staff.

Improve patient outcomes.

Building trust and credibility with patients as a provider improves patient satisfaction, which in turn improves your reputation and positive word-of-mouth. With ePatientFinder, you can compliantly use EHR data to help connect your patients to the trials that could benefit them most. Your patients will see that you are going the extra mile to proactively seek treatment alternatives for them, and trial sponsors and contract research organizations (CROs) trust that your referrals are well-considered and accurate.

Conduct your own clinical trials.

Do you want to do research and conduct clinical trials as part of your own practice? ePatientFinder’s end-to-end clinical trial solutions are an entirely unique set of technologies and services designed to optimize clinical trial outcomes from pre-approval to planning to recruitment to trial execution. Bring us in from the beginning and let us do all the heavy lifting at every stage of clinical trial planning and execution.

100% of my patients were pleased we proactively reached out to them and offered to screen them for a new clinical trial.

–Dr. Laura McCurdy

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New Opportunities

Working with ePatientFinder affords me the opportunity to offer cutting-edge research opportunity to my patients. Thank you, ePatientFinder, for the part you are playing in healthcare.

Marlene Moulton, M.D. The Listening Doctor

Really Efficient

Finding and contacting studies has become much more efficient. Now I can refer patients with confidence and ease, and it doesn’t cost me anything.

Dr. Steven Zuckerman Zuckerman Associates

Win-win scenario

I love working with ePatientFinder’s outreach team, they are highly professional, and really care for my patients.

Jamie Sims, BS, CCRP Breco Research

Your patients want you to tell them about clinical research opportunities.

If patients learn about a clinical trial from their doctors, they are more likely to participate. Nearly three-quarters (72%) of Americans say it’s likely they would participate in a clinical trial if recommended by their doctor.