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Take the pain out of finding and scheduling your patients.

Our technology platform will HIPAA-compliantly query your EHR database to identify patients that fit your clinical trial and conduct IRB approved outreach to pre-screen and schedule candidates for consent visits.

Optimize patient identification and enrollment.

With Express Referral™, you get qualified patients referred from the ePatientFinder® network. Significantly boost your trial enrollment with Express Enroll™ EHR-Driven Patient Identification and Enrollment, which also provides fast, accurate patient identification through rapid analysis of your own EHR data.

Shorten the time your staff spends on patient recruitment.

We do all the work for you. Our data science team is comprised of medical experts who interpret patient data based on your detailed inclusion/exclusion criteria. We contact candidates, conduct a survey, and schedule interested patients for consent visits. That means your coordinator can spend time running the trial, not being a database administrator.

Populate clinical trials more quickly with Enrollment Decision Support™ (EDS).

ePatientFinder’s proprietary EDS tool, designed by our data science experts, presents screening questions at the right time and in the right place to improve patient evaluation. Our templated IRB submission further streamlines and standardizes pre-screening. This saves your staff time and saves you money.


If you get $10,000 per patient enrolled at your site, and Express Enroll helps you successfully enroll 20 more patients, that’s $200,000 MORE IN REVENUE generated.


The future of recruitment

This is the FUTURE in patient recruitments. No more paper/magazine/radio/TV advertising. This will streamline on “cold calling” and build a rapid connection between the caller and a patient.

Dr. Christie Ballantyne Baylor College of Medicine

Win-win scenario

Having the ability to go back to my chronically ill patients and offer them a new treatment alternative is a win-win for the patient and the office.

Jamie Sims, BS, CCRP Breco Research

New Opportunities

Working with ePatientFinder affords me the opportunity to offer cutting-edge research opportunity to my patients. Thank you, ePatientFinder, for the part you are playing in healthcare.

Marlene Moulton, M.D. The Listening Doctor