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Protocol Optimization

Maximize your potential pool of protocol-eligible candidates, even before you seek FDA approval for your trial, with protocol optimization data analysis. Through our extensive experience and data science expertise, we can tell you quite accurately how many local candidates would qualify under your proposed criteria and how many you’ll need to start with to reach your target enrollment number. By tweaking your protocols to maximize that number, you can minimize change orders down the road and significantly shorten your patient population timeline.

Here’s how ePatientFinder can help improve trial outcomes, even during the pre-planning stages:

We’ll run versions of your study protocols through our extensive network of patient data, representing over 60 million lives.

Our data scientists will let you know how many possible subjects near your research site could be identified under specific sets of inclusion and exclusion criteria.

You refine your protocols for submission, with the confidence that you will be able to successfully populate the trial from an already-identified nearby pool of protocol-eligible candidates.