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Learn more about ePatientFinder through a number of materials.

Case Studies

View documents that highlight successes with those we work with.

  • Quality Research Inc.

    Michelle Roach, BS, MA, CCRC, Director of Operations

    Michelle discusses how her expectations were exceeded when working with ePatientFInder, “What originally was expected to be a handful of referrals turned out to be a higher amount of referrals that are of a higher quality."

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  • Baylor College of Medicine

    Dr. Christie Ballantyne

    Baylor College of Medicine (BCM) routinely runs clinical trials focusing on cardiology. Dr. Christie Ballantyne, Chief of the Section of Cardiology, Department of Medicine, talks about ePatientFinders improvement to recruitment and patient identification.

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  • General Neurology Associates

    Dr. Steven Zuckerman

    Dr. Zuckerman's practice, General Neurology Associates, has found a great service through ePatientFinder by alerting him of clinical trial options for his Alzheimers patients.

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  • Women's Health Specialists

    Dr. Laura McCurdy

    Dr. McCurdy discusses the benefits ePatientFinder has been able to provide her patients at Women’s Health Specialists.

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White Papers

Discover more about why ePatientFinder makes a difference.

  • Solving Patient Identification and Enrollment Challenges in Clinical Trials

    How a Patient-Centric Approach Combined with Novel Technology Results in More Qualified, Engaged Patients

    In an effort to control escalating costs and avoid expensive study delays, clinical trial stakeholders are looking at novel approaches to attracting and retaining larger pools of qualified trial participants. In addition to implementing innovative technologies to improve the identification of potential participants, sponsors and clinicians are seeking ways to better address the needs of patients, such as making trials more accessible and convenient to larger segments of the population.

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  • Addressing the High Cost of Patient Recruitment in Clinical Trials:

    A Patient-Centric, High-Tech Strategy for Change

    Traditional clinical trial recruitment is expensive and inefficient. Through ePatientFinder's Clinical Trial Exchange™, life-science companies—including numerous “top 10” pharmaceutical, medical device and contract research organization (CRO) clients— are connected with a robust network of referring physicians. Learn more about ePatientFinder's approach that allows participants to reduce recruitment costs.

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